About us

Somerset Public Health is a coalition of staff members, community members, organizations and businesses working together to improve health in Somerset County. Learn more about our mission, our staff and our coalition below.

Somerset Public Health: Our Mission and Purpose

Our goal is to make Somerset County a healthier place to live and work for the families we serve. We strive to make this happen by:

  • Improving nutrition
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Stopping tobacco use
  • Preventing drug abuse
  • Promoting the responsible use of alcohol

To do all of this we need your help. We work with community members, schools, work places, child care centers, service groups and other community groups to make the places we visit everyday healthier.

Matt L’Italien
Project Director

Leads the SPH coalition, program development and fiscal oversight.  Develops strategic direction for SPH in concert with the SPH board of directors.
(207) 858-8451




Lynn Kandiko
Administrative Assistant

Manages grant finances, budgets, and other fiscal needs.
(207) 858-8452




Maureen Shaw
Office Assistant

Provides invaluable administrative support to the team and manages office operations.
(207) 858-8453





Somerset Public Health Community Health Educators




 Kristie LeBlanc

Leads Move More Kids program. Leads let's Go! Somerset efforts in school nutrition. Works with schools on wellness policy development and implementation.

(207) 858-8454





Cheryl Curtis
Provides nutrition education to adults, children, and families.

(207) 858-8462




Deborah Casey

Works with community organizations to host chronic disease self-management programs, recruits program participants. Provides nutrition education to adults.

(207) 858-8458




Danielle Denis

Provides substance abuse prevention expertise for businesses and communities

(207) 858-8463




 Betsy Richard

Provides nutrition education to adults, children, and families.

(207) 858-8466





BillBill Primmerman

Provides resources to communities for Aging in Place, Care Giving, Assisted Living and AARP Livable Communities

(207) 858-8450





Brady Croteau and son1Brady Croteau

Leads Let's Go! Somerset efforts in the child care settings.

207) 858-8455





Carolyn CourtneyCarolyn Courtney

Leads Let's Go! Somerset efforts in the after school settings.

(207) 858-8465





EricEric Taylor

Provides Tobacco resources to help reduce tobacco use in children and adults.

(207) 858-8456






Sean LandrySean Landry

Provides Substance resources to help reduce substance use in children and adults.

(207) 858-8457

Board Members



Somerset Public Health Board Members

Executive Board Members:

Brandi Farrington: SPH Board Chair,  Kennebec Behavioral Health, Somerset County Association of Resource Providers

Heather Johnson, SPH Vice Chair, Skowhegan resident, Somerset Economic Development Corporation Executive Director

Jason Gayne:  SPH Treasurer, Hospice Executive Director, Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County

John Philbrick: SPH Secretary,  Citizen of Caratunk, and Adventure Bound Director. Representing Caratunk, The Forks, West Forks, and Pleasant Ridge Plantation


Board Members:

Joel Cummings: Interim Chief of Police, Town of Skowhegan and Member Representative of the Somerset County Underage Drinking Task Force. Representing Skowhegan, Canaan, Cornville and Norridgewock

Brent Colbry: Superintendent of Schools of RSU/MSAD 54. Representing Skowhegan, Canaan, Cornville, Norridgewock, Mercer, and Smithfield

Stephen G. Colella: Mountain Wireless, Mix 107.9 & Cruisin 93.5, Sales/on Air, Representing Media

Tim Curtis: Town of Madison Manager/Economic Development Madison, Board Member Hospice

Miriam Dodge: Home Based Supervisor, Child & Family Services, KVCAP

Elmer (Mer) H. Doucette: Redington-Fairview General Hospital Chief Financial Officer, Representing fiscal agent

Peter Drever: Retired Minister, Master Gardener

Sally Dwyer: VP, Branch Manager, Franklin Savings Bank, Representing Businesses

Sydney LeBlanc: Student, Representing Madison Youth

Savanna Kandiko: College Student, Representing the 18-24 year old population

Kim Miller: Dept. of Health & Human Services, Assistant Program Administrator


Staff to the Board:

Matt L’Italien:  SPH Project Director

Please Note: SPH membership consists of a diverse group of individuals and organizations who assist in carrying out essential public health services for our citizens. Commitment in writing is required to be a SPH member. Board meetings are open to the public. SPH members sit on Jackman and Bingham Leadership Teams, Somerset Economic Development Corporation, Somerset County Emergency Preparedness, KVCAP and SCARP committees and we have Sub committees for Tobacco, Physical Activity, Nutrition and Substance Abuse.

July 2017


Somerset Public Health Partners



  • Adventure Bound
  • Athens Community School
  • Chambers Of Commerce
  • Cornville Regional Charter School
  • Federated Church Of Skowhegan
  • Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • Good Will-Hinckley
  • Hospice Volunteers of Somerset County
  • Jackman Leadership Team
  • Kennebec Behavioral Health
  • Kennebec Valley Community Action Program
  • Lake George Regional Park
  • Local Businesses
  • Main Street Skowhegan
  • Maine State Police-Troop C
  • Mercer Community Center
  • MSADs 12, 13, 54, 59, 74
  • Redington-Fairview General Hospital
  • Riverview Memorial School
  • Skowhegan Farmers’ Market
  • Skowhegan/Madison Elks
  • Skowhegan Savings Bank
  • Skowhegan Parks & Recreation Department
  • Skowhegan Rotary Club
  • Somerset County Assoc. of Resource Providers
  • Somerset County Substance Abuse Task Force
  • Somerset County Sheriff’s Department
  • Somerset County Under Age Drinking Task Force
  • Spectrum Generations
  • Starks Community Center


  • Health Reach
  • Healthy Communities of the Capital Area
  • Healthy Northern Kennebec
  • Healthy Sebasticook Valley
  • Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention
  • District Coordinating Council
  • State Coordinating Council
  • United Technology Center
  • United Way of Mid Maine
  • University Of Maine Cooperative Extension


  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Eastern Maine Health System
  • Health Resources & Services Admin
  • Kids Co-Op at Barbara Bush Hospital
  • Maine Medical Center
  • MaineGeneral Medical Center
  • Maine Health Access Foundation
  • Medical Care Development Public Health
  • New Balance Foundation
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services
  • Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA)
  • University Of New England