Improve the health of my home

Our homes are supposed to be our safe places. Are you sure yours is? Check to make sure home is a healthy place for you and your family. For help, call our main line at 474-7473 or email

Lead Free Home

Lead is a metal that used to be in the paint we used in our homes. It can be toxic-especially to a child’s growing brain. If you live in an older home (built before 1978), you could have lead-based paint in your home. Call us at 474-7473 or email to find out how you can test and what you can do if you do have lead in your home.

1. How To Do A Lead Dust Kit:

This Youtube video produced by the Maine Centers for Disease Control demonstrates how to properly use a lead dust kit.


2. Sources Of Lead Tip Sheet

 sourcesOfLead    The Sources Of Lead Tip Sheet describes the different ways that lead can be transferred throughout your home.

     The tip sheet can be downloaded here.




3. Lead, Do I Need To Worry?

Lead-NeedToWorry   This resource is a checklist that families can use to determine if their home is likely to contain lead paint. The resource also provides next steps on what to do if you suspect that you have lead paint in your home.

This resource can be downloaded here.




4. Don't Take Lead Home From Your Job


Don't Take Lead Home From Your Job is a Maine CDC resource that provide suggestion on some of the safeguards workers should take to reduce the chance that they bring lead into their home.

This resource can be downloaded here.




Smoke Free Housing

1. Secondhand Smoke & Thirdhand Smoke:

Breathe Easy Coalition has information on this subject. One of their projects involves smoke-free housing. They are in the process of changing their logo but have some good fact sheets to share.

Information on second hand smoke, third hand smoke, & policies-

Fact Sheets -


The Smoke-Free Housing Coalition of Maine

BEC- Smoke-Free Housing (Public Housing)

Breathe Easy Coalition of Maine Vignettes


2. Smoke Free Housing Pledge

Take the Pledge






3. Smoke Free Housing Website