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Productivity. Insurance costs. Lost time. Unhappy customers. Lower profits. Need we say more? Healthy worksites support healthy employees. Healthy employees are happier and more productive. You do the math—is that better for your business? Contact Danielle (858-8463) to find out how to get your worksite on the way to wellness.

Resources for Creating Healthy Local Businesses 


Policies for Local Businesses

  1. Tobacco

The State of Maine has created template tobacco policies for small and local businesses. The levels include the Good, Better, Best policy guidelines. By Maine State Law, all employees are not allow to smoke or use tobacco within a worksite and smoking is prohibited 20ft from any entrance, window, or opened vent.

GOOD Level: Complies with Maine State Law regarding the 20 feet law and includes a designated smoking area for employees.

BETTER Level: Exceeds Maine State Law with having a complete smoke free worksite area. There is no designated smoking area on worksite property.

BEST Level: Exceeds Maine State Law with having complete tobacco free worksite area. All tobacco products are prohibited on the worksite property and there is no designated smoking area for employees. 


  1. Substance Abuse Policy

workAlertThumb Developing a Drug Free Workplace is a good way to protect your bottom line and the health of your employees. By using Work Alert, employers are able to create a substance abuse policy from the policy builder tool that helps create an appropriate substance abuse policy for worksites.


Work Alert Website:





 Resources For Creating Healthy Retail Stores

Policies for Retail Stores


  1. Updated NO BUTS!Policy

    A free program by the Partnership for a Tobacco Free Maine that helps retailers avoid selling tobacco to minors. A minor is anyone under age 18. Tobacco products cannot be sold to anyone under age 27 without checking ID first. This program helps retail store to comply with Maine State law, to avoid stiff fines, and earn compliance credit. For more information check out the Tips Sheet on the benefits of the NO BUTS! Program.Download the tip sheet.



star store logo

  1. Star Store Signage

    The Star Store program is a voluntary program to encourage the responsible retailing of tobacco products. Its goal is to reduce the exposure of tobacco messages, advertising, and promotion that youth see in stores. The Star Store program is an extension of NO BUTS! (Blocking Underage Tobacco Sales), an initiative of the Maine CDC’s Partnership For A Tobacco-Free Maine. It’s the next step—reducing the visibility of tobacco marketing to kids—that takes responsible retailing to a higher level.Download the NO BUTS policy